Where are you from? / Living in another country

When we move to a new country, we usually embrace its culture and language. We even learn to eat and cook local dishes and share our own heritage, too. After 20 years of living in a now not-so-new place, most people would feel at home. So, if you live in country for 25 years and […]

BK Tutoring on the latest PISA study and its recommendations

Over 100 countries have used the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and around 3,700,000 students participated in the studies. Last December, PISA published the results of their most recent study conducted in 2022. The striking common denominator across all participating countries was the unfortunate drop in the performance in Maths, Reading and Science. The […]

5 most common topics for Maths

Online Maths lessons for A-Levels Highers and Advanced Highers.

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Syntax: key to correct speaking and writing in German

helpful tips for German exam revision

Syntax or Word Order, in a sentence varies a lot between German and English. Learning to use it correctly is key to good writing, speaking and translating.  Here are some tips:  1) In clauses with und, aber, denn, oder, we keep the original word order, i.e. the verb is in Position 2. Examples: Jugendliche benutzen moderne Technologie,  denn sie lernen […]

Revision Time Management

Here is how to manage your time during hectic exam revision

Exam revision is upon us once again.  Many schools and universities show their students how to manage their time. The Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh, for example, offers good resources for study skills available to everyone. It is not only university students who need to plan their assessment time. We can all […]