Online GCSE and National 5 lessons

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Our online GCSE and National 5 tuition will assist your daughter or son in their exploration of MathsPhysicsFrenchGerman and Spanish, so that they keep enjoying learning their chosen subjects and bring home the grades that will reflect their hard work.

The third and fourth years of High School encompass the phase of the first important national exams in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is Key Stage 4 of education.

Your child’s timetable is now personalised, and they are beginning to narrow down the subjects which interest them and which they wish to take further. 

This is a vital stage in education as the exams are essential for entry to any Further Education institution and form a foundation for the Senior Phase and A-Level or Higher exams. Investing in private tuition at this stage can make a difference to the exam results. BK Tutoring selects competent tutors, because they are specialists in their subjects and can pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to their students.

By investing in education, you invest in the future!

Our online tutoring leads to improved confidence, better grades and helps pass exams.
List of subjects taught at this level.

Booking online lessons helps you rest assured that you will consolidate the learning material.

Online tuition is accessible to all pupils across the UK, whether they live in cities, towns or rural locations. We pride ourselves in reaching out to all families.

All prepared materials for our lessons are saved and can be shared with the student.

Your child’s potential can be developed and boosted within the comfort of your own home. No need to travel to a tuition centre, or to invite the tutor to your home. Our trusted tutors have current disclosure checks (DBS or PVG depending on their location) as well as qualifications and references obtained from professional bodies.

How much will online tuition cost me?

We try to offer a balanced hourly rate to our students and our tutors. All 60-minute A-Level, Highers and Advanced Highers lessons cost £35 and all 40-minute lessons cost £28. 

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Other levels we offer:

BK Tutoring offers online lesson for Upper Primary School, all of Secondary School and for adults.

We help prepare for exams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and in Scotland.

We keep the cost of hourly online tuition as low as possible, as we understand that this if often the stage, in which parents decide to book tuition for the first time. At the same time, the tutors have to prepare more complex material and their prep time is longer than for pupils in lower levels of education.

Our support has already reached:

George Watson's College
George Heriot's School
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
Currie High School
James Gillespie's High School
Berwick Academy
St Cuthbert's Primary School
Alnwick High School
St Wilfred's Primary School
Longridge Towers School