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“Herzlich willkommen!”

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For adult lessons, we offer these levels: A1 German (Complete Beginner), A2 (Post-beginner), B1 German (Pre-intermediate), B2 (Intermediate) and C1  German (Advanced). These levels correspond with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our expert German tutor, Dr Beata Kohlbek, lived and studied in Düsseldorf, Germany and is now using her teaching experience and knowledge of German and English to deliver enjoyable, productive one-on-one tuition. Beata uses English and Scottish curricula and exam board descriptors to help school pupils prepare for exams. Her lessons are a great way to learn new vocabulary and practise speaking!. All prepared materials for our lessons are saved and can be shared with the student.

The main areas students usually wish to focus on when taking online German classes are:

  • Learning the “der, die, das” – gender of nouns
  • Word order in sentences
  • Adjective endings
  • Pronunciation of sounds such as “z”, “ch”, “ä, ö & ü”
  • Subjunctives and Passive forms

…. but we also help with cultural knowledge on history, traditions and society, e.g. Reunification of Germany, festivals and current issues.

Komm und lern mit uns! – We will show you that the German language is a fun and practical language to learn. Grow more confident in using it by practising speaking and listening with our top tutors.

German language forms the identity of all German cities and towns.

Quick facts: 

German is the first language for approx. 75.3 million people around the world.

It is the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe. It is the official language of Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

Germany has the largest economy in Europe.

Germany offers generous study and internship opportunities to students from around the world.

For a fun video (with subtitles) about German dialects (we have 35 of them) click here

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German words are often similar to English:

UK flag, Union Jack.
German flag, black, red and gold















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