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Trusted online Spanish tutor can help with your language skills.

Maria Angeles Bueno Castaño - Spanish Tutor


Teaches: Spanish, all levels, including exam revision for GCSEA-LevelNational 5 and Higher/Advanced Higher

Education: MA in Secondary Education Teacher Training from the University of Extremadura, Spain

Experience: Spanish classroom assistant in Secondary Education, online Spanish tutor

Interests: Passionate about sharing her love of Spanish language and culture, volunteering for environmental projects


Teaching Spanish is something I am very passionate about. Spanish is my native language and I care a lot about helping others to learn it. Sharing different aspects of my culture is an important part of my lessons, which are always lively and fun. I believe that language learning can be facilitated by games and quizzes, but  I also like my students to suggest what and how they want to learn during our lessons. Seeing students become more confident speakers of Spanish is very rewarding and gives me a lot of satisfaction as a teacher.


Spanish in Secondary Schools

Working with children, teenagers and adults

A1-C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Interactive, collaboration-driven, engaging and creative

Online Maths tuition with a reliable tutor.

Richard Efezeybek - Maths Tutor


Teaches: All levels of Mathematics, with a focus on CIE Maths, GCSE and A Level, also National 5 and Higher / Advanced Higher exams

Education: Masters in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford

Experience: over 200 hours of online tutoring, teaching Maths for access to university courses. Student Mentor at the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme.

Interests: I enjoy recreational mathematics and also programming.


I enjoy mentoring and teaching students from all backgrounds. My main goal is to ensure that my students have a strong conceptual understanding of Maths that will enable them to solve problems confidently and independently. I encourage students to work through questions and “nudge” them in the right direction, without simply showing them the solution. I believe it is also important to ignite their interest in Mathematics through stimulating and interactive thinking, making the most of the online environment and visual Maths tools. 


Oxbridge and other universities Maths Admissions.

All levels of Maths, including: CIE Maths, Edexcel A Level Maths & Further Mathematics

Problem solving, Philosophy of Mathematics

IB Physics 


Student-led, Friendly and patient / Interactive teaching methods / Using a range of online and own resources

Trusted online French tutor can help with your language skills.

Emma Harrison - French and English as a FL Tutor


Teaches: French, incl. GCSEA LevelNational 5Higher/Adv. Higher, also English as a Foreign Language

Education: Nottingham Trent and Exeter Universities, PGCE, CELTA

Experience: Over 25 years of teaching, including students with special educational needs

Interests: Languages and Cultures, helping children and adults with French and English


Using interactive and engaging materials in online teaching, allows my learners develop their reading, speaking and other skills. Many students come to me when they plan to move abroad or before their language exams. I tailor the lessons to their individual needs. It is a joy to see how fast they improve and feel confident using French or English. Language teaching is a hugely rewarding experience. I love to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to my learners! Being a teacher and a mother gives me a unique insight into the way teenagers learn. It also enhances my teaching methods. 


French all levels:

National 5 French / GCSE French

Higher French / Advanced Higher French / A Level French

A1-C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

English as a Foreign Language: all levels

Working with children and young people with special needs

English for people moving to the UK 

French and English for business


Teacher-led and student-led (according to the lesson dynamic), friendly, motivating

Online Physics with an enthusiastic tutor.

Varghese Jacob - Physics and Chemistry Tutor


Teaches: Physics and Chemistry, all levels up to A-Level (GCSE for Chemistry)

Education: Final year Physics student at the Imperial College London

Experience: Tutoring since 2018

Interests: Sharing my knowledge of Physics and Chemistry, DJing and bouldering.


I thoroughly enjoy experiencing the moment when a topic that a student has been struggling with suddenly ‘clicks’. I help students by explaining topics from the ground up. I usually find that there was a misunderstanding at the very basic level which prevented access to more complex topics. By having a one-to-one, judgement-free session you get to ask all the questions that you may have been scared to ask before. There is no such thing as a stupid question, asking is the best way to learn!



National 5 Physics / GCSE Physics

A Level Physics / Higher Physics and Advanced Higher Physics

Exam technique


Typically exam question focused, stopping to explain topics where needed. 

Trusted online German and Polish tutor can help with your language skills.

Dr Beata Kohlbek - German, Polish and English as a Foreign Language Tutor


Teaches: German, Polish, EAL&EFL (English as an Additional or Foreign Language)

Education: PhD from the University of Glasgow

Experience: 25 years of teaching, teacher training, exam preparation

Interests: Passionate about everything to do with languages, literature and history.


Everyone can learn to use another language and enjoy the learning process along the way. My own background is multicultural and I am fortunate to be using German, Polish and English on a daily basis, at work and at home. I can help my students get on track with any grammar, vocabulary, writing or speaking issues. My students are often preparing for exams in secondary schools or practising German for entry to University courses. I enjoy teaching all levels and ages and see myself as a very hard-working and reliable tutor. Languages are fun and super practical in life!


All levels from Beginners to Advanced:

National 5 German / GCSE German

Higher German / Advanced Higher German / A Level German

Also English as a Foreign Language and Polish Language – A1-C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Student-led and individually tailored, interactive use of online resources.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence with BK Tutoring

Dr Nahid Sami - Artificial Intelligence Tutor


Teaches: Artificial Intelligence (AI), all levels from basic to advance including practical applications using Python.

Education: PhD in Computer Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence from the University of Derby, United Kingdom.

Experience: Over 10 years of teaching in Computer Science and 5 years in Artificial Intelligence, specializing in natural language processing, Image Processing, and computer vision.

Interests: Passionate about exploring the frontiers of AI and staying updated on the latest advancements. Actively involved in AI community events, hackathons, and conferences. Enthusiastic about mentoring and guiding individuals interested in the field of AI.


Teaching Artificial Intelligence is my true calling. I am driven by the desire to share the excitement and possibilities that AI offers. My academic and professional background equips me with a deep understanding of the theoretical aspects of AI, as well as practical implementation experience. I am dedicated to demystifying complex AI concepts and making them accessible to learners at all levels.


Basic Concept of Artificial Intelligence to Advanced Level.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Practical Applications of AI on GoogleColab and MATLAB


My teaching style is hands-on, practical, and tailored to the needs of each learner. I believe in a collaborative approach, where students actively engage with AI concepts through real-world examples. I emphasize the importance of understanding the underlying principles while encouraging creativity and innovation in applying AI to solve diverse problems.


Our Mandarin Chinese lessons with Chang are available to fit your schedule. Book or enquire now.

Chang Zhao - Mandarin Chinese Tutor


Teaches: Mandarin Chinese for adults and school pupils including exams: GCSE, A-Level, Higher and Advanced Higher, IB and HSK exams.

Education: BA in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language from Beijing International Studies University, MSc in TESOL, PGDE in Secondary Education (Subject specialism: Chinese) from the University of Edinburgh.

Experience: 8 years of full-time teaching of English as a Second Language and Mandarin Chinese – all levels

Interests: Passion for language teaching and learning, connecting with people who share similar interests.


Chinese is my mother tongue, and English has always been my favourite subject. Both languages have profoundly influenced my identity. Acquiring another language not only provides opportunities but also, more importantly, broadens our horizons. Through language learning, I have come to appreciate the validity of alternative points of view and accept the diversity in which we live. Learning foreign languages encourages introspection into our own cultural background, helping us understand who we are. 
I am enthusiastic about assisting students in achieving their full potential in exams, in fostering confidence in communication in a foreign language and in cultivating a deeper understanding of different cultures. Above all, I am dedicated to making the language learning journey as enjoyable as possible.



Curriculum and assessment criteria for a variety of courses, including HSK Mandarin Chinese

A-Level Mandarin Chinese / Higher Mandarin Chinese / Advanced Higher Mandarin Chinese

(i)GCSE Mandarin Chinese / National 5  Mandarin Chinese 

IB and Pre-University

Mandarin Chinese as a heritage language: reading & writing, speaking & listening at all levels.


The approach I adopt is centred around the student’s needs and preferences, tailored to their pace and requirements. My lessons are engaging and effective, as well as offering captivating content and great learning experience. 

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