Online Adult Classes

Information on our online lessons can be requested here

Everything you learn as an adult, you learn because you choose to and you believe that it is important that you learn it.

It may be that you need to brush up on your Maths with a Maths tutor for adults, or need new language skills for work, family or travel. You may want to understand AI – we have just launched AI lessons with a great tutor. The possibilities are endless!

Our adult students enjoy online tuition in languages and sciences.

Our current offer for online adult tuition:

**For language levels, please use either the school curriculum levels or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

BK Tutoring does not offer all subject areas, but we are keen to keep adding to our selection. If you cannot find a subject on our website, drop us a message and let us know what you would like to study.

Online learning, or e-learning, has never been as accessible and effective as it is now, and you can benefit from its offer:

  • our tutors “visit” you at your home
  • lessons are booked for a time convenient to you
  • there are no commuting time or cost, wherever you live
  • you get access to specialist and passionate tutors for many subjects, whether they live in London, Edinburgh or in rural Northumberland
  • you can learn at your own pace in 1-to-1 online lessons
  • all prepared teaching materials can be sent to you, so you can use them any time
  • online adult classes are enjoyable and stress-free

Booking online lessons helps you rest assured that you will consolidate the learning material.

Our tutors have already worked with adult students, even if we often spend a lot of time working with students who are still at school. Private tutors value teaching adults as all our students in this category are highly motivated, understand the benefits of learning and can direct the tutor in terms of what to focus on and how.

You can book your online adult lessons here:

Other levels we offer:

BK Tutoring offers online lesson for Upper Primary School, all of Secondary School and for adults.

Our support has already reached:

George Watson's College
George Heriot's School
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
Currie High School
James Gillespie's High School
Berwick Academy
St Cuthbert's Primary School
Alnwick High School
St Wilfred's Primary School
Longridge Towers School