FAQs: We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions and added our answers for you.

Although there are different entry requirements for Medicine depending on the university you want to apply to, one of the top subjects required is Chemistry, followed by Biology and another Science, e.g. Physics or Maths. Our tutors can coach students who need a high grade exam result in most of these subjects. Many universities also require a good level of English language, or an exam in English as a Foreign Language, e.g. IELTS. 

Our team of tutors consists only of tutors approved during the application process.

Some of us work as freelance tutors after many years in full-time teaching roles, and some are Higher Education students keen to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for the subjects they study and to gain valuable teaching experience.

The tutors have not only excellent subject knowledge, but also at least some exam and marking knowledge. 

This was an enquiry about writing a personal statement for a UCAS application. In a nutshell, we do offer support with personal statements and can either proof read a ready statement and help you get it right, or provide you with guidelines and useful tips in creating your first draft. Please email us at admin@bktutoring.co.uk for further advice. 

Yes! Our tutors are familiar with the English and Scottish exam boards, e.g. AQA, EdexcelSQA. They will listen to what your child wishes to focus on, e.g. Listening Comprehension in French or non-calculator paper for Maths. 

This will help them shape the materials used for boosting your child’s knowledge and skills in this area.

Using a Free Chat or the first lesson, you can tell the tutor which exam you are approaching and what you want to concentrate on.

The tutor will plan the lessons around your requirements and help you focus your learning on the areas you most need. 

The number of lessons will depend on two factors:

a) the assessment of your daughter’s current strengths and weaknesses

b) how much time and effort your daughter will invest in preparing for online tuition. The tutor will give her some homework and offer a lot of help in each lesson.

Some children require a slower pace and we need to respect this. It is best to monitor the ongoing progress and review if more lessons are needed after the first 10 lessons.

The tutors will always keep their cameras and microphones on during lesson time. It is also recommended that the students keep their cameras and microphones on. It allows the teacher to communicate well and to pick up on signs of hesitation, concentration and confidence, which are not conveyed otherwise.

However, we accept that some students will have good reasons for not using their cameras and this is OK. The tutor will remind the student to use the camera, but will not press the point.

You can book a lesson on our website. We will ask for your payment method in order to process the payment.

Alternatively, you can book a free 20-minute consultation with a tutor of your choice, before deciding to book a paid lesson.

We collect the PVG disclosure for all our tutors. We have never had a complaint about a tutor and we have not hired anyone without a current disclosure. It is very important to us to provide the best possible service and give our pupils and their parents a peace of mind regarding the tutors’ conduct. 

Do you have a question we have not answered here? E-mail us at admin@bktutoring.co.uk  

We will add more frequently asked questions and our answers to them in order to help future clients. 

We are only a click away and looking forward to your questions, comments and reviews.

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