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We guarantee tuition from top tutors

The team behind BK Tutoring have up to 25 years of professional training and first-hand teaching experience in the UK, making us a safe choice when searching for quality tuition.

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Online learning is accessible to all, regardless of your location. Families living in remote areas, children who wish to learn in the comfort of their own home – we are here to support you!

Facing transition to the next stage in our children’s education means extra pressure for parents and guardians. We recognise that there may be gaps in learning in the key curriculum subjects due to many reasons and want to address this by providing tuition from our best tutors to pupils and students who want to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills.

Tuition from top tutors for top students in the UK
Private online tutors available for tuition.

Our support has already reached:

George Watson's College
George Heriot's School
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
Currie High School
James Gillespie's High School
Berwick Academy
St Cuthbert's Primary School
Alnwick High School
St Wilfred's Primary School
Longridge Towers School