1. Coordinate Geometry: we can help you learn how to describe the equations of straight lines, parallel or perpendicular. Practise using Pythagoras’ theorem to work out e.g. the length of a line and work out the coordinates of the midpoint.
  2. Exponentials and Logarithms: here you will understand how to form exponential functions and use them to describe the growth or decay of dynamical systems. Another area to improve on is the use of logarithms to write indices, including simplifying logarithms.
  3. Sequences and Series: tutors can explain the workings of arithmetic sequences. For example, how to write sequences and series (sums of sequences) in different ways. We cover problem solving for arithmetic and geometric sequences. You will practise on examples.
  4. Trigonometry: you might need to revise sine and cosine rules and use them to solve problems and work out the areas of triangles. For this topic, the tutor will focus on trigonometric equations and the use of identities for problem solving, e.g. quadratics in sin and cos. Trigonometric ratios and graphs are also frequent exam questions.
  5. Calculus, e.g. area under the curve is a common A Level task and involves finding the area bounded by lines e.g. a curve and axis. You will learn how to find the area and how to know when it is positive or negative and how to do definite and indefinite integrals.

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