Here is how to manage your time during hectic exam revision
Example of good time managment

Exam revision is upon us once again.

 Many schools and universities show their students how to manage their time. The Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh, for example, offers good resources for study skills available to everyone. It is not only university students who need to plan their assessment time. We can all do with some tips for looking after ourselves during busy periods.
Good time management skills allow us to factor in relaxation or time for friends and family without feeling guilty about it. People juggle many commitments, tasks and priorities on a daily basis, but also need to keep a healthy balance. The old proverb says: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (Healthy mind in healthy body). Take a look at the graphic and check if your time is taking into account not only work (here: revision), but also time for daily duties, people around you and a good amount of rest.

If you are a parent or teacher, you can empower your children or students by helping them to create a good routine and to enjoy their exam revision knowing that they also have time for other things. And there should be some space left for unplanned activities, time between tasks. Stressful times put pressure on our mental and physical health, but we are not machines and cannot keep working under pressure for too long. 

Shape your day well

Consider how much time you really need for revision. Are three or four hours per day enough? Don’t feel bad about planning to go to the cinema or for a walk. We are social beings and it is essential for our mental comfort to speak to other people. It can be a phone call to an old friend or a catch up with a relative. Plan well and you will be rewarded with a more efficient use of your time.