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We are currently reaching out to new pupils and students in the UK, who have not yet benefitted from online tuition or who are new to BK Tutoring and our offer of subjects and levels.

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As the AQA, Edexcel and other exam boards have recently sent out the results of A-LevelGCSE and Scottish exams, a lot of students are contacting tutors to book additional lessons. Why is it so important to start now? The beginning of the new school or school year can be daunting. Going into lessons with new peers or teachers is much easier when you have more confidence in your skills. Private tuition not only improves the confidence, but also helps to warm up before the work at schools really gets going. 

Although there are many services available online, be careful choosing the right one for you. A good tutor will listen to what your needs are and prepare the lessons to your pace and level of difficulty. They will always put you first and bring materials to the lesson that you will find useful and helpful. They will practise and practise with you, until you feel ready to apply your knowledge at school. 

We value our students and tutors and not only have  a good track record of students passing their exams with great results, but we also work together as a team and all tutors share feedback and work on improving their service to you. 

See you soon! – Dr Beata Kohlbek, founder of BK Tutoring