German is our language of the month because: it prepares you to visit great places across Europe, and it is an important Modern Foreign Language in schools (we teach A-Level German, GCSE German and Scottish Higher and National 5 German). Our tutor graduated in Düsseldorf on the Rhein and the images enclosed here are from that beautiful city. Online German classes focus on “Sprechen”, “Hören”, “Schreiben” and “Lesen”, with the underpinning German grammar and vocabulary. For adult students, we offer levels from A1 (complete beginner) to C1 (advanced) from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In the UK, most people learn French, Spanish and German as their foreign language, and many say that they find German easy to learn because of its similarities with English (think of words like green, father, beer, wine, garden, man, kitchen, room, house and many more). Studying German at university is a great way to enter a large job market with a language of the country with the strongest economy in Europe, many big industries, e.g. automotive, engineering, electrical and a strong cultural identity.

Speaking at least some German, can break the ice and help you communicate with people who don’t speak English or are a bit shy in using it. “Ich verstehe Sie nicht so gut” (I don´t understand you very well) – can clarify that you are new to German and still learning!

Come along and learn German in online lessons to use it when travelling in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, but also Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Belgium. Book you German tutor for help with school German: we will help you gain more confidence in speaking, improve your grades and get the exam results that you need for further study. Viele Grüße und bis bald 🙂

[Düsseldorf Altstadt in the picture]

Old Town Düsseldorf at night