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Chang is our new Mandarin Tutor for adults and school pupils including exams: GCSE, A-Level, Higher and Advanced Higher, IB and HSK exams.

Education: BA in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language from Beijing International Studies University, MSc in TESOL, PGDE in Secondary Education (Subject specialism: Chinese) from the University of Edinburgh.

Experience: 8 years of full-time teaching of English as a Second Language and Mandarin Chinese – all levels

Interests: Passion for language teaching and learning, connecting with people who share similar interests.


Chinese is my mother tongue, and English has always been my favourite subject. Both languages have profoundly influenced my identity. Acquiring another language not only provides opportunities but also, more importantly, broadens our horizons. Through language learning, I have come to appreciate the validity of alternative points of view and accept the diversity in which we live. Learning foreign languages encourages introspection into our own cultural background, helping us understand who we are. 
I am enthusiastic about assisting students in achieving their full potential in exams, in fostering confidence in communication in a foreign language and in cultivating a deeper understanding of different cultures. Above all, I am dedicated to making the language learning journey as enjoyable as possible.


Curriculum and assessment criteria for a variety of courses, including HSK Mandarin Chinese

A-Level Mandarin Chinese / Higher Mandarin Chinese / Advanced Higher Mandarin Chinese

(i)GCSE Mandarin Chinese / National 5  Mandarin Chinese 

IB and Pre-University

Mandarin Chinese as a heritage language: reading & writing, speaking & listening at all levels.


The approach I adopt is centred around the student’s needs and preferences, tailored to their pace and requirements. My lessons are engaging and effective, as well as offering captivating content and great learning experience.